April 2017


The last few paintings are being loaded

I still need to read through my exhibition checklist of things I must not forget. There is always something that should have been on the list. As I'll be painting a box of paints and some brushes will be required! The van is packed out with over sixty frames. I'm leaving Jill in a house of empty walls. The cracks in the walls are now exposed. It would be a good time to do the decorating.

For my demonstration artwork I''ll be working on the theme of brown hares. I saw some lovely hare behaviour recently and it has inspired the oils that I'm currently painting. Come along to see my paintings in progress. I'm always happy to chat and answer any questions.



"Artist in Residence" / Exhibition

25th April - 1st May (daily from 10am-5pm)

Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, Main A38 Twigworth, Gloucester GL2 9PA

(2 miles north of Gloucester on A38)
Telephone Nature in Art on: 01452 731422 



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Prints are now sold through Aquila Art Limited, which is run by my wife Jill. This has allowed me to focus more fully on the creation of originals.



I have a business page on Facebook, which is where I post most regularly. Please visit and "Like" my page to receive updates or follow me on Twitter.




Here is a photo of Wallsworth Hall the home of "Nature in Art"



I'm developing some paintings of Brown Hares

"Air Time", Brown Hares

Original Painting
Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches
(Painting in progress)


Below is a sequence showing various stages of the painting so far






Pencil Studies



Running Hares

Original Painting
Oil, 29 x 39 inches


This is the other painting that I'll be working on. It is a larger canvas. I plan to enhance it with a misty atmosphere. The sun will be coming over the mist from the left of the painting lighting the backs of the hares. 




"Golden Hour", 
Running Hares Study

Original Painting
Oil, 12 x 16 inches, £850


Here is a little study of running brown hares. I was experimenting with how best to capture the low glowing light in the hour before sunset. I often work on a pale orange base, but this time I made the ground more vivid and decided to leave it showing as a more contemporary cameo.




Just room for one more small one if I fold it up!

Thanks to all of you that responded to my last newsletter. I look forward to showing you this exhibition.  





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