September 2017




Jill and I welcome you to our home / gallery / studio.
Rossal, The Ross, Comrie, Crieff, Perthshire PH6 2JU

(until end of Sunday 10th September) 

10 am - 5pm (10am - 7pm extended opening on Friday, Saturday and both the Sundays)



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Prints are now sold through Aquila Art Limited, which is run by my wife Jill. This has allowed me to focus more fully on the creation of originals.



I have a business page on Facebook, which is where I post most regularly. Please visit and "Like" my page to receive updates or follow me on Twitter.



Take this opportunity to meet me, see what I've been painting recently and enjoy wandering through the rooms full of artwork. Around the house there are over ninety prints and original paintings on display. Seeing art in the context of furnished rooms can be a useful way of visualising how they could look in your own home.


For those attending our venue during Perthshire Open Studios there will be a clearance bargains section amongst which you'll find some larger framed prints.



Below I'm posting the paintings that I'll be working on during the open studios event. For those curious about my working methods I'm always happy to answer questions. 

Roe Buck

Original Oil Painting
Oil painting, 23.5 x 19.5 inches






Original Painting

Oil on canvas, 24 x 30 inches





Close Encounter

Last week out fishing at one of my local haunts, I watched a red squirrel trying to cross the river. It wanted to jump from one tree canopy to another across the water, but couldn't quite find a short enough distance for its leap. It spent some time exploring to the tips of branches, each time deciding the risks were too great. Concentrating on my fishing I was quietly tying a knot when the squirrel jumped straight onto my shoulder from the nearby bank. I should add that I was blending in nicely in a camouflage jacket and hadn't moved for a while. Rightly or wrongly the squirrel took me to be a piece of old dead wood! ​


Photo of a red squirrel from our garden.






Hope to see you over the next week ​


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