Oil painting demonstations of interest to beginners or advanced painters


Step by step oil painting tutorial

Martin Ridley - over ten years full time experience of painting wildlife in oils.
I have developed up my own repertoire of oil painting techniques. I rarely give face to face lessons or instruction. However I thought that you might like some tips through an online step by step oil painting demonstration - some of my favourite oil techniques revealed.

Free oil painting demos - lessons with numerous artist tips and information on oil painting techniques. Check out my links: oil painting resources on the web. My gallery features wildlife sketches, preparatory drawings and paintings in progress.   >> Begin Tutorial


on the easel updates: new wildlife art
- paintings in progress including oil painting demonstrations
>>>> detailed information about my methods of painting wildlife
>>>> advice on watching wild animals and birds

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oil painting tutorial
page 1
(initial sketches & drawings for painting)
oil painting tutorial
page 2
(final layout and start of oil painting)
oil painting tutorial
page 3
(oil painting stages)
oil painting tutorial
page 4

(beginning of 2nd painting)
oil painting tutorial
page 5

(pink-footed geese painting)
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Oil Painting Tutorial / Demos. of interest to beginners or advanced painters

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The artist portfolio of Martin Ridley, view how sketches, preparatory drawings and a gallery of wildlife paintings evolve from initial wildlife field encounters.

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sketches of barnacle geese
sketches for the painting
preliminary drawings for the painting
Planning painting layout: demonstration of my preparation for an oil painting
Instruction in oil painting: painting in oils, tutorial 1
Techniques of oil painting: wildlife oil painting tutorial
painting in oils lesson, oil painting tutorial
Step by step oil painting tutorial by Martin Ridley
Barnacle Geese

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