Wildlife Artist - Martin Ridley

A collaborative book featuring the work of eight artists

I'm excited to have been involved in a new deer book published by Quiller Press. The book includes work from the following artists; Owen Williams, Jonathon Sainsbury, Keith Sykes, Rodger McPhail, Ian MacGillivray, Ben Hoskyns, Ashley Boon and myself.

Deer : Artists' Impressions For Sale DEER: ARTISTS' IMPRESSIONS

Exert from the back cover
"... each artist explains in his own words why he cherishes painting deer in the wild and portrays the deer in his own unique style, from delicate pencil drawings to vivid watercolours and luxurious oils. All this is complemented with an extensive description by Graham Downing of each of the six British deer species - Red, Roe, Fallow, Muntjac, Chinese water deer and Sika - with royalties being donated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British Deer Society."

Deer Book for Sale : Artists' Impressions - Illustrated with Martin Ridley red deer paintings Deer : Artists' Impressions Martin Ridley Paintings

Please note that the book has a "sporting" slant to it. I just wanted to make you aware in case this might make the book unsuitable.
I have not hunted myself, but several of the other artists have stalked deer.

Hardback Book
29 x 29 cm (11.5 x 11.5 inches)
(UK postage £4)
Standard Book
£30 + Postage
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