Wildlife Artist - Martin Ridley

Commission an original landscape or wildlife painting


Perhaps you would like a bespoke piece of artwork to remind you of a special experience or as a gift for someone with a particular interest. Please read this page and contact me to discuss any ideas that you have. I regret that I do not undertake any commissions of domestic animals or human portraits.

View the creative process with progress updates posted on the website.

The "on the easel" web page is used to share the creative process with my clients. Clients can follow the progress of their commission with emailed updates of the evolving artwork. This idea is proving very popular and saving or printing the images of the developing painting from the web page adds a little extra to the provenance of the finished painting.

Roaring red deer stag - painting commission sketch Wildlife paintings in progress
This page offers advice about requesting a wildlife art painting commission.

The wildlife paintings and landscape pictures displayed here are all examples of works developed for clients.

Contact me if you would like to commission a creative piece of wildlife or landscape artwork.
Consider the Following:
  • Subject
  • Design (communicate any specific ideas you have)
  • Dimensions (if it needs to fit a particular space)
  • Budget
  • Time scale (whether there is a deadline for the completion of the painting)

Prices are slightly above those of my existing originals. As a guide look at some of my paintings that fall within your budget as a basis for your expectations. My commissions start at around £2000 and prices vary according to a number of factors explained below.

Click to View Guide to Commission Prices

Please note prices vary according to:

  • the extent of fieldwork and research required
  • the complexity of the design
  • the amount of detailed brushwork
  • the required completion date
  • any extra expenses likely to be incurred

My aim is to fulfil the client's expectations, which includes working within the budget but please note that on completion of a commissioned painting I reserve the right to offer it at a price that I judge reflects the work that has been done. There is no obligation to purchase any commission that ends up over budget. Any advance payments would be refunded if the client decided not to proceed.

Two-way agreement

You may be excited about commissioning a painting, but it is equally important that I too feel positive about the idea.

I ask myself the following questions when considering a proposal:

  • Am I inspired?
  • Can I create a worthy result? (Is the subject matter familiar to me or will I be able to study it or find helpful source material?)
  • Am I provided with a suitable time scale to accommodate my existing commitments?

Creative Decisions
My reputation is built upon my personal method of working and it is essential I feel comfortable with my creations, therefore I reserve the right to make the final decision on the design. Please have faith in my judgement I have over 30 years experience.

Commissions with general appeal
If a commission is accepted and the subject matter is not too specialist I would complete the painting and show it to the client for approval. If a direct viewing were not possible I would send a quality e-mail image. If upon viewing the painting it did not meet the client's requirements there would be no obligation to purchase. If you chose to buy the painting my normal terms of business would apply. View details on the ordering information page.

Larger commissions or those depicting specialist subject matter
However if your commission is very large or of a more specialist nature a minimum 10% deposit would be required before commencing work and full payment for the painting upon completion. The deposit covers costs of ordering the canvas and goes towards the preparation of the design. The deposit and payment of the balance would be non-refundable as long as the commission had been kept within budget. Staged progress payments may be required for high value commissions.

I'm stating the obvious here but....
the painting I produce will never be exactly the image that you are visualizing, but I aim to please.


The work is fully insured until collection by a courier. In the event of loss the insurance proceeds will be used to recommence the making of the work or if preferred offer a refund of all money that has been paid. The customer can decide how they would like to insure the work during shipment.


Unless a separate agreement is entered into all rights of reproduction and all copyrights in the work, the preliminary design and any incidental works made during the creation of the work are reserved by the artist.


Clients sometimes ask me whether I would contact them if I ever produce a painting of a particular bird, animal or location. Please feel free to register your special requests. I cannot make any promises but if at a later date I generate any suitable work I'll endeavour to get in touch.

Skinburness Marshes on the Solway Estuary - Original oil painting of skeins of pink-footed geese over the salt marshes
Skinburness Marshes

Original oil on linen
image 6 x 8 feet
Available as a limited edition print on paper
Skeins of Geese over the Marshes Print

Solway Estuary - Commission an oil painting
IN PROGRESS "Skinburness Marshes"

Original oil on linen
image 6 x 8 feet

Golden Eagle swooping on Red Grouse - Falconry Art by Martin Ridley
Golden Eagle & Red Grouse

Original oil on linen
image 36 x 48 inches
Available as a loose or framed canvas print
Golden Eagle hunting Red Grouse - Falconry art print

Martin Ridley oil painting of driven red grouse flying at full tilt. Game bird Painting
Red Grouse Moor

Original oil painting
image 36 x 48 inches
SPECIAL COMMISSION Sold 20-4-22 Currency Converter

Driven red grouse oil painting for sale - Commissions taken
Flight of Bewick's Swans - Original oil painting
Flight of Swans

Original oil painting on canvas
5 x 9 feet
Available as a print on canvas
Flight of Swans Print

Otter - Painting Commission
Otter - Glen Lednock

Original oil painting on canvas, 31 x 38 inches
£4200, 1/11/06  SPECIAL COMMISSION
Available as a print on canvas
European Otter Print

Geese at Sunrise - Painting Commission
Geese at Sunrise

Original oil painting
29 x 39 inches

Woodcock - Painting Commission
"Morning Light", Woodcock

Original oil painting
18 x 22 inches
Woodcock Prints

Bespoke Paintings