Wildlife Artist - Martin Ridley

A Canvas print of "Approaching Sunrise", Red Deer Triptych

A wildlife print depicting a herd of red deer stags moving through a snowy
woodland as they head for higher ground before dawn. Although a painting featuring red deer it is really all
about the amazing colour which I witnessed reflecting from the sky at
sunrise onto the snow. A truely unique experience!

Red Deer Stags in Snow Print - Triptych of block canvas prints
Red Deer Stags Canvas Print “Approaching Sunrise”

Limited edition print reproduced actual size on three block canvases
From an original oil red deer painting
Each canvas is approximately
508 x 406 x 45mm (20 x 16 x 1.75 inches)
Total dimensions without spaces between canvases 508 x 1220mm (20 x 48 inches)

Please note: These red deer stag prints are produced following your order and are posted to you direct from the printers.

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