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Paintings of barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis)


Svalbard barnacle geese at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, CaerlaverockSee how I develop a painting depicting a flock of barnacle geese as they come in to land. The previous pages show the sketches and compositional drawings.

The noise of a large barnacle geese flock just feeding is impressive, but the spectacle of a few thousand geese taking wing combined with the crescendo of sound is quite stunning.


Barnacle Geese on the Solway Firth (Branta leucopsis)

Hopefully these photos of the developing painting offer a better insight into my working methods.

Birds - Oil painting demonstrationOil painting demonstration by Martin Ridley Illuminated in a patch of sun the striking black and white markings of a barnacle goose flock look great against a dark sky. This is the atmosphere that I'm striving for with this painting.

Branta leucopsis: See how initial sketches are developed into a composition
Flock of Barnacle Geese: See how initial sketches are developed into a composition Barnacle Goose,  Branta leucopsis: Oil painting in progress

Barnacle Goose,  Branta leucopsis: reference drawingsOnce the panel is completely covered with paint it is easier to assess the overall effect.

Paintings of Barnacle Geese Paintings of Wildfowl - GeeseNow that the painting is coming together I need to make some changes. Here I decided to further darken a corner of the sky.

Wildfowl paintings - GeeseThe background was devoid of bird activity and I wanted to create a more bustling environment with further parties of geese moving about. The differences in scale has added depth to the composition.

Before committing possible improvements to the actual painting it can be helpful to try things out by painting on pieces of acetate laid over the surface.

Barnacle Geese Print - Reproduced from an original oil paintingThe finished painting

Incoming Barnacle Geese
Oils 19 x 34 inches
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Available as a print
Barnacle Geese Print

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Barnacle Geese Print - Reproduced from an original oil painting

Incoming Barnacle Geese

Available as a canvas print or a framed print

Barnacle Geese in Flight - Wildfowl art prints

Limited edition giclee print reproduced from an original oil painting
Prints are signed and numbered by the artist
The prints are on Somerset Velvet watercolour paper (100% cotton, acid free)